mounting example

The set includes all necessary parts to equip a truck with Rotachain. Special tools are not required.

The precise and vehicle specific bracket-sets ensure a quick and easy installation of the units.

Here we show you the installation on a
  • vehicle type 52S
  • spring suspension
  • HP-1352 axle
  • twin tyre
  • tyre size 315/80R22,5

  • vehicle specific bracket-set

    air and electric set including pneumatic valve, air tubes, protection tubes, T-connectors and switch

    basic units, ready to fit

    12-strand chain wheel, alternatively 18-strand chainwheel available

    the bracket is going to be mounted on the spring clamp

    mounting of doublenuts

    torquing of doublenuts

    mounting of bracket

    torquing screws

    mounting of basic unit and torquing screws

    mounting of chainwheel

    mounting of pneumatic valve

    laying cable of pneumatic valve to the cabin

    remove cover of fuse box

    lay cable to fuse box

    lay cable through fuse box to inside of cabin

    insert vehicle specific switch

    bringing on warning sticker

    the air is taken from distribution block

    laying air tubes from basic units to pneumatic valve

    a T-connector distributes the ait to both basic units

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