the basic device

Rotachain uses a double acting pneumatic rotary drive.
Thereby two pistons are standing opposite to each other in a casing, and move opposit to one another while rotating a centered shaft.

Advantages of a double acting drive:

  • as two pistons work simultaneously, twice of the power is produced as in a linear drive with the same piston diameter

  • small headroom, as a result usable with limited space conditions and vehicles with low tyre sizes

  • to regulate the forces, springs are applied to the casing, which at the same time prevent the arms from sinking to the road in case of air leak

  • by the different transmission ratio a slewing radius from 220(standard) up to 270 is practicable

  • The electro / air kit contains all parts nessessary for the pneumatic installation plus the customized switch in the same design as the instrument panel of the vehicle.

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