the chainwheel

The development of the Rotachain chainwheel is aligned to the appearance of great workloads and environmental impact. The usage of special, premium materials and relubricatable bearings establish high stability.

Chainwheel and chaindisc are bolted together and can be replaced individual.

To increase the stability of the chainwheels and bearings we are the only vendor who provides relubrication.

Why is it that important to grease the bearings?

As salt water is the arch-enemy of all bearings they automatically corrode when they are not greased properly. Then the chain wheel seizes up when it 's not in use for a longer time. The result is a one-sided abrasion of the vulcanized rubber band. After that thechain wheel will not be usable anymore.

Fetten erhöht die Standzeit und senkt die Instandhaltungskosten.

We offer two different chainwheels for variable requirements:
12 chains (6 mm) 18 chains (5 mm)

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